As someone who has gone through what you’re going through, I understand how crucial it is to be heard and understood in the home buying or selling process.


I believe it’s our responsibility to help one another whenever possible, so I give a percentage of my commissions to charities.


It’s important for me to develop genuine and real connections with every one of my clients, so I speak the truth at all times, stick to my word and keep your best interests at heart.


Out of respect for you and your time, I’m easily accessible and quick to respond during the entire process.


I value my family first and foremost, so I strive to make my decisions based on their needs. I challenge my clients to base their real estate decisions on this value as well.

These are the values my business is built on

Buying a Home


I focus my efforts on understanding your exact needs so I have a better idea of the kind of property that will meet those needs and grow with you along the way. After articulating that, I set out to provide you with all the information, research and education you need to make a calculated and informed decision - this includes latest market trends as well as neighbourhood and property suggestions as they become available. Next, we’ll preview properties that align with your needs, goals and desires. 


Now that we’ve found your dream home, I research my way to the most fair, realistic and strategic offer price. I’ll work to draft an offer with recommended terms and conditions and be your biggest ally when it comes to negotiations while keeping you fully informed during the entire process. After finalizing documents to appropriate parties and closing, we’ll leverage my extensive referral network of attorneys, contractors, designers, movers and every possible vendor you might need for a smooth and successful move-in!

The Buying Process




Get Pre-approved


Find the right real estate agent


Find your dream home


Make an offer & Negotiate terms


Get a home inspection


Finalize the deal


Move in!


Host a housewarming party!


Maintain your home & protect your investment

Selling a Home

Selling your home is a big, challenging decision, especially when you throw little humans into the mix! Let me make this the smoothest process possible.


First things first, we’ll set the price and arrive at an accurate estimate of value for your home. We do this by analyzing your home and comparing it with others while taking a look at local market conditions. Once we have that down, we’ll develop a creative and modern marketing plan to help sell your home quickly and effectively.

 Modern consumers value video content, so we’ll create captivating lifestyle videos that showcase your home’s best features

We’ll create a feature sheet and other print collateral using talented photographers and copywriters who know exactly how to effectively engage our target audience and evoke emotion.

We’ll market through multiple listing systems, social media, peer networks, and strategic direct mailing for maximum exposure.

Next, we’ll stage your home using top contractors, painters, landscapers, home stagers and cleaners so we can set a record sale price.

During the Process:

To save a ton of time, we’ll start with pre-qualifying buyers to separate the window shoppers from the actual buyers. With that in mind, we’ll be in close communication as I host open houses and private showings. Once we have a buyer, I help negotiate and mediate an agreement and assist in drawing up a legally binding contract that protects your best interests. The last step is to ensure terms and conditions are fulfilled as we finalize documentation

After closing:

We’ll talk about budgeting for closing and legal costs and make sure you’re all set with resources and tips to pack and move with little ones in tow!

Make empowered real estate decisions.

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